Advent and Christmas Season 2023

“Happy Christmas” (1891) by Danish painter Viggo Johansen (1851–1935); from the Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen; taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

Christmas and Advent is a special time at GCPC and we look forward to reflecting the festive spirit. Please join us for one of the many services and events taking place.

Date & TimeEvent / Service
Dec 2 7:30 PMWine & Cheese and Carol Singing Party
Dec 3 11 AMAdvent 1 & Communion Sunday
Dec 10 11 AMAdvent 2 & Amnesty Sunday
Dec 16 7 PMGCPC Christmas Concert & Children’s Presentation
Dec 17 11 AMAdvent 3 Sunday Service
Dec 21 7:30 PMLongest Night Service
Dec 24 11 AMAdvent 4 Sunday Service
Dec 24 7 PMChristmas Eve Service

Holy Week Services 2023

Please join us for one of our wonderful services during this special week in the Christian calendar, as we contemplate our faith journey and the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Sunday, April 2Palm Sunday service 11:00 AM
Thursday, April 6Maundy Thursday Meal 6:00 PM,
Tenebrae Service 7:00 PM
Friday, April 7Good Friday Service 10:00 AM
Sunday, April 9Easter Sunrise Service 6:40 AM (sunrise @ 6:45),
Guild Park Bluffs
Sunday, April 9Easter Sunday Service 11:00 AM

A version of this message appeared in the Friday, March 17, 2023 version of Tidbits.

Monthly Quiet Prayer and Communion Services 2022–2023

Interior of the Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki, Finland. CC BY-SA 4.0 International. Full photo attribution below.

We are planning monthly quiet prayer and communion services in the fall on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.  Currently, our dates include September 28, October 26, November 30, 2022, and January 25, February 22, March 29, April 26, May 31, and June 28, 2023.

Photo attribution: “Interior, Kamppi Chapel”. Attribution: Bengt Oberger. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

A version of this message first appeared in the Sunday, September 4, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

Memorial Service October 2, 2022

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, we will hold a memorial service to remember and celebrate our loved ones who are no longer with us.

Ceremonial guards march by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Canada. Public domain. Taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

For this year, we will remember those who died during the pandemic years. If you have lost your loved ones during the pandemic and if you would like us to remember the name of your loved ones in the service, please send the name and the picture of your loved ones to Chuck at [email protected].

A version of this message first appeared in the Sunday, September 4, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

Summer Worship Hours 2022

Summer worship hours are in effect for 2002 from June 19 to September 4 inclusive. During this period, worship services will begin one hour earlier at 10:00 AM.

A version of this message first appeared in the Friday, June 10, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

Rev. Moon’s message for May 8, 2022

Dear Friends,

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and communicating with our Session. Many of you shared how much you would like to have singing back.  Yes, we also heard from those who love singing, but prefer waiting. Our Session listened. 

On May 4, our elders met, prayed, discussed, and decided that we would bring singing back (with masks*) to our Sunday morning worship as of this Sunday, May 8. We are very excited to have ‘singing’ back in our Sunday worship.

Church choir and director ready to sing, with piano, organ and keyboard in foreground
The GCPC Senior Choir under the direction of Rachelle Risling n Sunday, May 8, 2022, about to start singing in the sanctuary again!

Thank you for your patience, honesty, and support you have demonstrated to the session. Dealing with the pandemic has not been easy on our elders. I would like to thank our faithful elders who have taken the task of leading the congregation seriously. They deeply care about the safety and well-being of our congregants. They have spent countless hours in many meetings, listening, praying, and carrying out extra ministry duties. We understand that not every decision we make will be popular, but none of our Session’s decisions is to hurt or marginalize anyone. In fact, our elders make each decision with humility and the intention to serve Christ and the community. Sometimes we make decisions we regret. Other times we make good decisions. However, we make every decision trusting God beyond our human wisdom and trusting our congregation’s ability to forgive, speak up, and support each other. 

We believe the process of making each decision will help all of us become better followers of the risen Christ. We know we have so much to learn and we are here to serve Christ together. 

Thank you for your patience, forgiveness, love, and willingness to work with our elders. I would like to ask you to hold our elders in your prayers. And if you are able, please reach out to our faithful and caring elders and share your kind encouragement.

– Rev. Chuck Moon

A version of this message first appeared in the Saturday, May 7, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

Eastertide Services 2022

“The Resurrection Of Christ” (16th century) by Italian painter Annibale Carracci (1560–1609); from the collection of the Louvre; public domain; taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

Here is the schedule of Eastertide services for this week.

  • Thursday, April 14—Maundy Thursday Meal 6:00 PM, Tenebrae Service 7:00 PM
  • Friday, April 15—Good Friday Service 10:00 AM 
  • Sunday, April 17—Easter Sunrise Service 6:15 AM, Guild Park Bluffs
  • Sunday, April 17—Easter Sunday Service 11:00 AM, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt (more just below)
Hanácké kraslice, a traditional way of decorating Easter eggs with straw in the region of Haná, the Czech Republic. The photograph was taken at an exhibition of egg decorating in B?lkovice-Laš?any in the Czech Republic. Public domain. Taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

The Fellowship Committee is holding a Children’s chocolate Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 17 after the 11 AM Easter Sunday service. All children—young & old— are welcome!

A version of this message first appeared in the Saturday, April 9, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

Virtual Coffee time every Sunday

smiley face inscribed in coffee foam in a cup on a blue background with text
Join us for coffee time invitation

UPDATE March 6, 2022: With the resumption of in-person services as of today, the virtual coffee time has moved to 12:30 PM.

Grab a coffee or tea each week and chat with others in our congregation every Sunday at 11 AM. The Zoom meeting is open for about an hour, includes breakout rooms for smaller group discussion, and all are welcome to join. This is a social time and is in addition to the weekly worship services. See your copy of Tidbits for the Zoom link, or contact the office.

A version of this message first appeared in the Saturday, January 8, 2022, edition of Tidbits.

We’re re-opening August 22 at 10 AM

Guildwood Church will be open again for in-person worship starting on Sunday, August 22, 2021 at 10 AM. Public Health measures including mandatory mask wearing, contact tracing and physical distancing will be in place in accordance with current regulations.  Online resources will continue to be provided as well as hard copies for those who have requested them.  

Special resources for Holy Week 2021 – Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday

This is the eighth of these special resources for the Lenten season, this one for the second part of Holy Week, from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. We are grateful that the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda, PCC, and Foothills Presbytery, South Carolina, PCUSA, have created and made them available to us.

There are multiple interesting items for each of the four days! Click on the image to start your visit.

Holy Week treasures for Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday, 2021. Click on the image to start your visit.

A version of this message first appeared in the Thursday, April 2, 2021, edition of Tidbits.