Digging Three Wells in Malawi


Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church has initiated a fund-raising project to support our sisters and brothers in Malawi. We are working to raise $25,000 to dig wells and provide improved sanitation in three communities.

Presbyterian World Service & Development has been working with the church in Malawi to provide clean water, food security, and emergency relief. In some areas, approximately 90% of the residents do not have access to clean water. As a result, the rate of water-borne diseases is very high.

Development organisations are working with local churches to drill shallow wells and boreholes in order to bring clean water to the people of northern and central Malawi. The process begins with a geophysical survey that identifies potential well sites. Then the community clears the area of rocks and vegetation. Following this, a well is either dug by hand, or a borehole is drilled using specialized machinery. People are taught how to maintain the new pumps with regular upkeep. The program also builds proper sanitation facilities and raises awareness in the community about food and personal hygiene.