Committees and Teams

  • Session
  • Communications
  • Fellowship
  • Finance & Maintenance
  • Mission & Outreach
  • Nurture & Education


The minister and our 15 member session work together as a team to provide direction, pastoral care, and general oversight of the congregation’s life. Members of the session — called Elders — along with a lead — known as the Clerk of Session — are elected by the congregation and are the key decision-makers of the church.


This team manages the church website, our church newsletter (the Tidbits), social media, and promotes congregational social events and activities.


This team is involved in coordinating the ministries of hospitality: pot-lucks, annual picnics, fund raisers, and wine & cheese parties. An important group, indeed!

Finance & Maintenance

This team reviews and manages the financial affairs of the church, and looks after the church building & property. They set long range financial plans, and keeps on top of ongoing maintenance and renovation projects

Mission & Outreach

In response to God’s call in Jesus to love and serve our neighbours, the Mission & Outreach Committee of Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church works to help our congregation live out this ministry. We recognize that all are created by God and deserve to be treated with dignity, free from abuse, hunger and homelessness. By inviting speakers and providing both financial help and our presence at events, we support groups in our community, and the initiatives of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and abroad which work towards meeting these ideals now, and provide opportunities and hope for a better future.

For a full description of the committee along with information about missions and projects GCPC supports, read the Mission and Outreach Committee page.

Nurture & Education

The N&E team meets regularly to provide support for many ministries of our church, including: Christian education, church school, women’s ministry along with other community outreach events.