Basket Auction & Chili Dinner – April 14

basket.gifThis is a fun event for the entire family. A chili dinner with “all the fixin’s” will be served at 5:30 PM (adults $7, children $3, families $20) accompanied by a basket auction and an activity for the children. The proceeds will go towards roofs for three churches in Malawi, as well as paying down the debt for our own church roof.

For this event to be a success, two things are needed – your basket contribution, and your attendance on April 14. Please see the sign up sheet in the church hall.

Need some ideas to get you started? (You will have lots of ideas of your own!)
* children’s arts and crafts supplies (markers, colouring books, glitter, glue stick, stickers)
* gift wrapping basket (gift bags and wrap, tissue paper, tape, greeting cards)
* ice cream sundaes (sprinkles, waffle cones, sundae sauces, ice cream dishes, scoop)
* word and brain game basket (Scrabble game, crossword puzzles, Jumbles, Sudoku)
* sports lovers basket (accessories for golf, baseball, hockey, or another sport)
* chocolate sampler (anything and everything chocolate)
* welcome baby (receiving blanket, diapers, sleepers, baby accessories, toys, books)
* cookie baking (cookie mix, cutters, decorations, recipe book, cookie jar)
* family entertainment (games, puzzles, movie, books, snacks)
* tea time (variety of teas, teacups, teapot, cookies, pretty napkins)
* spring cleaning (cleaning supplies, rubber gloves etc., packaged in a pail)

Helpful hints:

* all items must be new
* consider working with someone else, or in teams
* ask for contributions from local retailers, restaurants, businesses
* label and list all basket contents
* consider other options besides baskets for containers (use something appropriate for your theme)
* keep in mind your audience and try to appeal to the widest range possible

If you need help, please see Don , Bonnie, Diana or Les