How can you support the Mission Project?

support-hands.jpgWorking together, we can make a difference. How can you be a part of this years Mission Project? We are encouraging you to raise some funds to help transform the lives of vulnerable youth and young adults in Toronto by using a gift or skill you already possess! Here are some good ideas to get your creativity started:
• preparation of a “basket” for the basket auction
• offering handyman services and donating the income
• offering lawn/gardening services
• computer classes or servicing
• art classes (painting, pottery, kid’s quilting)
• hosting an afternoon tea for ladies (admission could be homemade baking, jams etc which could be sold at the tea, tickets, a donation box or a combination of these ways of making some money)
• babysitting services
• weekly loose change donation jar
• having a kid’s entertainer in (this would incur a cost and require selling tickets, a bit more work than some of the other options)
• the hymn sing-alongs are always enjoyable
• donate a nickel (dime, quarter, loonie?) every time you use your computer for a day each week.
• families challenging each other in a sports event
• sponsored tennis tournament
• As a family, take part in the Guildwood Village garage sale and donate the proceeds to the project.
• Donate the proceeds from wine or beer bottle returns to the project.
• A walkaton of bikathon.