Keeping up with Write for Rights

We’re pleased to share these news items related to the Amnesty International (AI) Write-for-Rights campaign from late last year.

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Loujain Al-Hathloul and Nassima Al-Sada

You have probably read in the news since Christmas the case of Loujain Al-Hathloul, a women’s rights activist in Saudia Arabia. She is the second of the group of imprisoned activists to come to trial and be sentenced to imprisonment for campaigning for women’s rights in that country. During our recent Write-For-Rights campaign, we wrote on behalf of one of her fellow activists, Nassima Al-Sada, who has yet to come to trial. This recent imprisonment makes even more precarious Nassima’s fate. Thank you for standing up for her; hopefully it will have some influence when she does come to trial. In the meantime, I ask for your continued prayers for her.

Narges Mohammadi and Nasrin Soutoudeh

Whenever I browse the Amnesty International website, I find good news and bad news. First the good news: in our 2016 campaign, we wrote letters on behalf of Narges Mohammadi who had been jailed for campaigning for women’s rights in Iran. Her health had deteriorated significantly since her incarceration and was then further threatened by Covid 19. Thankfully she has been freed and is now receiving medical treatment. The news about another of our cases is not so good. Nasrin Soutoudeh, also a women’s rights activist in Iran, was one of the earliest cases we campaigned for after she was sentenced to 38 years and 148 lashes. Like Narges, her health deteriorated, and she was released from prison in order to obtain medical treatment. Now she has been ordered back to prison to continue her sentence. Please pray for both these women: for Narges as she recovers and begins a new life, and for Nasrin that a permanent release may come soon.

This post combines information that first appeared in several issues of Tidbits.