New Community Mission and Outreach Fund created

The Mission and Outreach Committee is pleased to inform you about a new and exciting project at our church. Through no fault of their own, many people and their families are facing hardships and challenges this year. We have created the Community Mission and Outreach Fund for secular projects to address these hardships and challenges.

Mission Statement of the Fund

The Community Mission and Outreach Fund provides support for activities that restore human dignity, ease the pain of want, promote self-help and encourage community cooperation that benefits those most in need regardless of their race, gender or religion.

Overview of the Fund

  • The Mission and Outreach Committee will make recommendations to Session for the projects to be supported by the proceeds in the Fund, in a manner similar to how the Committee obtains approval for major mission and outreach fundraising projects.
  • Proceeds in the Fund can be used to support GCPC-led outreach programs, provided the program is for the benefit of the broader community, and is not part of worship or religious programming.  For example, it could be used to offset expenses from the Meals Together program, particularly if the Meals Together program is offered more widely to the community.
  • While there is no specific time limit on using the money donated to the Fund, it will be put to regular use and not simply accumulated.
  • A report on the receipts and disbursements of the Fund will be prepared annually and included with the annual report of GCPC.  However, we can’t pull this off without your support and generosity. Whether you give to the church on a regular basis, or just attend on occasion, we’re asking you to consider contributing to this new Fund.

It’s something we need our entire church community’s help with. Even if you can’t make a large gift, know that every little bit helps.  We have had a contribution from a member of our Church and company at which he works that will match employee donations ($ for $). It would be a tremendous boost to receive other donations from people who work for a company that also has a donation matching program.

We hope that you can join us.

Mission and Outreach Committee

A version of this message first appeared in the Friday, December 18, 2020, edition of Tidbits.