Rev. Moon’s message for October 31, 2001

Dear members and friends of Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church,

Last Sunday, one of our elders noticed that one of the pumps in the boiler room at the church had a loud, unfriendly noise. A technician came during the week. At first, the technician thought that it was a quick fix (2-3 hours) in need of replacing one or two parts, but he ended up staying almost the entire Tuesday. Then he had to come back with newly ordered parts on Friday to finish repairing boilers (I am writing this Friday morning hoping it is fixed by Sunday). This meant that there was no heat at the church and my office throughout this week and I could definitely have used a space heater. I had to laugh at myself because I gave away three portable space heaters I owned in Port Elgin while moving to Guildwood. Mainly it was because I was moving into a small apartment. But I could not help but ask myself, “What was I thinking?” “Was I thinking I was moving to Florida?” If I knew what I know now, would I give away the space heaters and snow shovels? Did I also mention that I gave away my snow shovels, too? Oh well, this is not the first time or won’t be the last time I do things that don’t make sense, so why not laugh at myself?

Hope you can laugh at yourselves from time to time (instead of being too hard on yourselves) and invite others and God to join in your laughter. Don’t you think we are sometimes too hard on ourselves and others? I am sure God is laughing with me right now.


Chuck Moon

A version of this message first appeared in the Friday, October 29, 2021, edition of Tidbits.