Rev. Moon’s Message for January 29, 2023

Dear friends of Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church,

At first, it did not feel right to cancel the quiet prayer evening service this past Wednesday.  But I was grateful to stay home that evening. Here is one of the prayers we planned to say together that evening.

Dear Lord,
I come before you and ask for Your strength within me. A strength not of the world but of Your kingdom. To refrain from judgement and feast on love. To push out greed and hold tight to joy. To dispel pride and rise with humility. To quell anger and rest in self-control. To shun greed and rest in giving. To turn from power and embrace service. To let go of resentment and rest in peace. To push through fear and walk forwards in grace. To run with faith, soar with forgiveness, and allow your eternal strength to abide with me.

Unknown Author

We are troubled by many incidents of violence happening in our city. We ask your prayers for individuals who need social and mental support, the TTC employees, people who use public transportation daily, police officers, teachers, social workers, and everyone. We pray that we are not consumed by anger or fear. We pray we all do our part to make a safe and better community for everyone.

—Rev. Chuck Moon

A version of this message appeared in the Friday, January 27, 2023 version of Tidbits.