Rev. Moon’s message for July 17, 2022

Dear Friends,

Someone once said, Technology is great… when it works. Our human technology can help us connect faster, more creatively, and more conveniently, but it can also bring challenges.

I am a Rogers customer, which means I had no working internet, phone, or cable on Friday, Saturday, and a part of Sunday. I could not help but ask, “If someone needs me, how do they connect with me?”

It made me realize how much we depend on technology to connect. How unsettling it is to be unable to communicate with others.

Once everything came to normal, I heard from two friends asking whether I had sent an email requesting an e-transfer for $1950! Of course, I did not send the emails; it was a scammer who had used my name. I felt very unsettled! It is not the technology but how people use it to take advantage of others that made me very disappointed and helpless. It reminds us how vulnerable our human life is.

The following day, this is what I read from the Bible. I found peace in it. I would like to believe the scripture found me.

Psalms 61 and 62 from the “Parma Psalter”. Taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.
He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall never be shaken.
For God alone, my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.
On God rests my deliverance and my honor; my mighty rock, my refuge is in God.
Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him;
God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath.
Put no confidence in extortion, and set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, do not set your heart on them.
Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God, and steadfast love belongs to you, O Lord. For you repay to all according to their work.

Psalm 62

Once again, God has sustained me and strengthened me!

May God continue to sustain us and give us the strength we need this week.

—Rev. Chuck Moon

A version of this message first appeared in the Saturday, July 16, 2022, edition of Tidbits.