Worship Service for May 15, 2022

May 15, 2022 – Fifth Sunday of Easter

A livestream of this service will take place on our YouTube channel on Sunday, May 15, at 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. A video recording of the live stream will be available on our YouTube channel from 6 PM on Sunday, May 15.

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Call to worship

One: Alleluia! Christ is alive; let all the people praise him.
All: Let all creation sing with joy. Alleluia!

Lighting of the Christ Candle

This is the Christ Candle. We light the candle to help us remember that Jesus Christ, the light of the world, is with us in every place and every time.

Opening Hymn

“Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound”. (Book of Praise 1997, hymn 255). Words by American pastor and editor Paul Zeller Strodach (1876–1947). Music (tune: “Lasst uns erfreuen”) from “Auserlesene Katholische Geistliche Kirchengesänge” (Cologne, Germany; 1623); harmony (1906) by English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872–1958). Words, tune and harmony in the public domain.

Prayers of Approach and Confession, & Lord’s Prayer (sins)

Holy God, the first and the last, beginning and end of all things, you are worthy of praise from all your creation. Sun, moon, and stars praise you. Every living thing praises you in its own way. And so we praise you! You fill our lives with the wonder of your love in Christ Jesus. Your Spirit moves throughout the world to reveal your purposes for every living thing. Receive our prayers and praise this day, for you are the Source of our life and our hope, Holy God, ever Three and Ever One.

God of mercy, you command to love one another across all differences opens us to new horizons, yet we often respond with fear and judgement that hinders your goal for humanity. Forgive our sins, we pray and give us a true repentance that leads to life for all creation.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours now and forever.  Amen

Declaration of Pardon

God’s promises are trustworthy and true; your sins are forgiven. Be at peace to serve the Lord, and may you always be know by your love. Thanks be to God!

The Peace

The Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Fun with the young at heart (children’s story)

(Practicing faith)

The Life and Work of the Church (Announcements)

Scripture Reading

Psalm 148 <– this links to on-line text of the NRSV bible

Click here for additional scripture readings from today’s lectionary. Links courtesy of the Revised Common Lectionary, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library.


This is a synopsis of this week’s sermon.

If you appreciate the beauty of creation, if you believe the beauty of creation helps us experience the risen Christ, you will understand what Psalm 148 is telling us.

Today we read Psalm 148. The book of Psalm is a collection of poetries, hymns, and prayers over 1,000 years. As we know some of them could be written by the King David, but many of them we don’t even know who and when it was written. Yet, we know these hymns, poetries and prayers were sung, read, and memorized by the people of Israel for over 1000 years, and they found strength and courage from them.  They express our human expressions; anger, sadness, disappointment, questions, love, grace, forgiveness, and so on….

From Psalm 146 to Psalm 150, they try to conclude the book. And not only do they try to summarize and conclude 150 psalms, but they also try to summarize and conclude our faith and spiritual journey over 1000 and more years of their history.   What is the purpose of our human life? What is our human life about? These last 5 Psalms perhaps suggest to us that our life is an opportunity to praise God. That our human life is given to us so that we can experience and receive God’s amazing love and we are given a chance to receive, recognize, and respond back to our creator God. We are given our lives to praise and glorify God and enjoy God’s grace forever.

This particular Psalm 148 reminds us that we humans are not the only ones who know and praises God, but all creation knows God and praises God the creator. We humans can learn from the creation what it means to glorify God and what it means to praise God. I am going to highlight verses from 3 to 10,

3 Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars!
4 Praise him, you highest heavens, and you waters above the heavens!
5 Let them praise the name of the Lord, for he commanded and they were created.
6 He established them forever and ever; he fixed their bounds, which cannot be passed.
7 Praise the Lord from the earth, you sea monsters and all deeps,
8 fire and hail, snow and frost, stormy wind fulfilling his command!
9 Mountains and all hills, fruit trees and all cedars!
10 Wild animals and all cattle, creeping things and flying birds!

Psalm 148 invites us to praise God as sun and moon. We are invited to praise God like shining stars, and waters above the heavens…. The ancient people believed there were waters above the sky because of rains…. But you get the meaning…..it means rains, waters, rivers, and sea….

During the sermon on Sunday, Rev Chuck will go over the way we experience the presence of God through different creatures such as the sun, the moon, and the stars…. Please, tune into our Sunday live streaming.

Let us praise God with our lives! May our praise open our hearts to God!

Musical Reflection


We remind everyone that we must continue to pay our bills; in the absence of being present at Sunday worship, you may sign up for pre-authorized remittance (PAR), donate online, or drop off your offering envelope in the mailbox at the church. Do not leave a cash donation unattended in the mailbox; instead, please call the office (416.261.4037) to ensure someone will be there to receive it. The building will be checked daily for mail and phone messages. If you are not comfortable leaving an envelope, you are welcome to contact the office (once again, 416.261.4037) and someone will pick up your offering.

Dedication of our Gifts

Prayer of dedication

Loving God, we give you thanks for the ministry of reconciliation to which you call us in the name of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Accept these gifts for your mission to heal all creation. May they be a testament to your love for us as we share them in love for you; through Jesus Christ we pray. AMEN.

Lighting Candles of Peace for People in Ukraine and the world

We light the candles of peace as our prayers for the suffering people in Ukraine, Sudan, Gaza, Myanmar, Syria, Afghanistan and in our own community….

Responsive Prayers of Thanksgiving and Hope

In this season of Easter rejoicing, let us offer our prayers and thanksgivings for the church and the world saying, O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For the well-being of your creation, that we may promote its ability to offer praise to you through spacious skies, bountiful seas, verdant lands, and precious creatures great and small. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For the life of the church, that our generous witness may broaden your table as all find a place to live and grow in love. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For the welfare of your world, that all leaders and people young and old will strive to live together in harmony while serving the common good. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For all who suffer any violence, pain, or grief, that they will know the comfort of your presence as you wipe every tear from their eyes. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For the love made known to us in Jesus Christ through this community, for this and all other blessings we give you thanks and praise. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For all who have died, that you will bring them to the fullness of your joy, where mourning and pain will be no more. O God of love,
Raise us to new life in Christ.

For so many blessings, and for answered prayers, we give you thanks through Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

Closing Hymn

I danced in the morning/ Lord of the dance”. (Book of Praise 1997, hymn 250). Words (1963) by English songwriter Sydney Carter (1915–2004). Tune “Simple Gifts” (1848; also known as “Lord of the Dance”) is a traditional Shaker tune attributed to American Shaker poet and elder Joseph Brackett (1797–1882); adapted (1963) by Sydney Carter. This arrangement (1963) by British organist and choral director John Birch (1929–2012). Original tune public domain. Words, musical adaptation and arrangement copyright © 1963 Stainer & Bell, Ltd (admin. by Hope Publishing Co.); used by permission of One License, license number 722141-A.


May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (the risen Christ), the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you always. AMEN.

Choral Amen

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Click to listen to the Choral Amen at YouTube.
  • Go Now in Peace”. Words by American educator, lyricist and composer Don Besig (1936–) and American lyricist Nancy Price (1958–). Music by Don Besig. Words and music copyright © 1988 Harold Flammer Music, a division of Shawnee Press; used by permission of One License, license number 722141-A.
  • Performed by Rachelle Risling (keyboard) and the GCPC Senior Choir. Audio and video production by Rachelle Risling.
  • Audio and video recording copyright © 2021 Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church.

Prayers adopted from:
Kimberly Bracken Long. “Feasting on the Word Worship Companion: Liturgies for Year C, Volume 1”. Presbyterian Publishing Corporation. Kindle Edition. ISBN 978-0664238056.

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