Welcome to Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church!

The church building is closed, and church and private events are cancelled. See our Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates page for the latest information, including GCPC weekly worship resources, on-line worship services in the PCC, and how to continue to support GCPC financially.

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Guildwood Community Presbyterian Church is a community of faith of over 250 people from many church and faith backgrounds. We are united in our desire to enjoy Creation, support one another, and make a difference in our lives – and our world – in the name of Jesus Christ.

Worship is welcoming, musical and joyful! We have a thriving program for young children & youth, nursery facilities, and a coffee hour follows every service.

Whether you are new to the area, new to the faith, rediscovering your church background, or looking for a safe place to ask (sometimes unanswerable) questions about religious/spiritual matters, Guildwood Presbyterian is here for you.

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