Rev. Moon’s Message for January 28, 2024

Portrait (1787) of Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759–1796) by Scottish painter Alexander Nasmyth (1758–1840); from the collection of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery; taken from the Wikimedia Commons.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday [as I write this] was January 25, Robbie Burns’ Day. I did not grow up in a home that knew or celebrated Robbie Burns Day, but I have met many friends who celebrated it.

I remember a friend who would always wear his family kilts to church around Robbie Burns Day and would tell me about his poems. He even initiated celebrating a Burns’ Supper at the church, complete with singing, reading, and welcoming. He died last year. He is no longer here, but I smile today because I can hear him talking about Robbie Burns and can picture him with his kilts. I still don’t know a lot about Burns, but I had a friend who loved him dearly. Whenever I hear the name, it makes me smile because of who my friend was.

I wonder if it is our work as Christians to help others smile when they hear the name of Jesus. Our sacred task is to allow our words, silence, actions, inactions, relationships, and all aspects of our lives to reveal the life of Jesus. May the Spirit of Jesus Christ continue to come alive in our lives today.

Happy ‘Rabbie’ Burns Day!

—Rev. Chuck Moon